Využijte naše zkušenosti v překladech a tlumočení, legalizace dokumentů

Sdělte nám Váš požadavek nebo poptávku k překladu, soudní – úřední překlad, tlumočení, legalizaci a my Vám obratem pošleme cenovou kalkulaci.


No more confusion! We are dedicated to translations from Czech into dozens of languages and vice versa, including editing and styling of texts. We will provide both standard and certified translations; our professional translators are qualified in many fields.

We provide common and certified sworn interpreting, both simultaneously and consecutively; our interpreters are ready to accompany you on your business trips worldwide.

Foreign languages teaching

We will teach an individual, a student, or a company employee to speak a foreign language. We believe in individual approach and entertaining form of teaching.


We will bring your translation or text to perfection. We provide grammar, stylistic, or terminology proofreading.