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Our portfolio also includes services related to foreign languages translations. Proofreading is important for correctness of translations; Localization of websites is the easiest way to translate websites without disrupting their structures, form, and graphics.

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dalsi-sluzby-prekladatelstviLook at the list of services you can choose from:


Language proofreading

It is correction of grammar, spelling, stylistic, or technical errors in the translations. It is performed by the proofreader and it is a common practice especially during the translations of texts intended for publication.


Lokalization of websites

Thanks to the access to the source files of the website, the translator can perform the translation directly. The result is perfectly comprehensible for the target reader, it contains minimal number of mistakes and there is no need for further proofreading and tuning.

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If you need language proofreading or text localization of websites, let us know. You only need to contact us by e-mail or by phone and we will discuss all the details with you. When we learn more details of the assignment, we are able to calculate the exact price and determine the delivery date of the finished.


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