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Interpreting globally

Are you planning a business trip abroad? Are you getting ready for participation on some prestigious fair in Europe with a team of colleagues? Is there a delegation departing s from your company to your parent company in a distant country? In this case, you will appreciate the services of an interpreter who will be available throughout your trip abroad.

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cosmopolitan-tlumoceni-v-zahraniciWe provide linguistically and technically perfectly prepared interpreters with a perfect knowledge of the life and institutions of the given country. However, for a successful course of action you must provide the interpreter with the maximum of information and documents, such as various brochures, manuals, press releases, and other documents.

You should involve him / her in the program of the trip abroad explain him / her all his / her goals and outline the expected negotiations and their progress.

Extra bonus

But we will do even more for you. Our interpreters think forward for you; they try to meet your needs in all aspects and simplify your trip. They will also be your guide abroad and they will solve many situations for you, e.g.:


Requirements for the Interpreter

Our interpreters are not only great translators, but they can also adapt to the local culture, habits, and behaviour.

This also includes:


Don’t let the success of your business meeting be ruined because of details.

Prices and contact

During the interpretation abroad, the “working hours“ are not fixed. Contact us and together, we will prepare a price calculation, which besides interpreting services also includes accommodation, travel and subsistence allowances.


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