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Certified interpreting bulgarian

Business meetings, presentations, trips abroad, meetings with authorities, meetings with a foreign delegation – all of this is just a fraction of the occasions where you can use our interpreting services from Bulgarian or into Bulgarian. If you are concerned about smooth interpretation, high quality, and reasonable price, please contact our agency.

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We provide interpreting in Bulgarian:

Price list of Bulgarian interpreting

Certified interpreting Charge per a 60 mins (Billed by an hourly rate; 2 hours minimum) 2500 Kč
Each additional hour 800 Kč

Recommendation: Order fixed days for court interpreting at least 1 month in advance. In the absence of interpreters (especially in specific Asian and other languages), we cannot guarantee 100% availability of an interpreter – in case of urgent demand for court interpreting.
In order to prepare wedding ceremonies, you need to send us your speech in advance and provide us with the contact to the relevant registry office.


You can rely on our Bulgarian interpreters:

High Quality Interpreting of Bulgarian Language and for a Good Price

We also provide further follow-up and complementary services related to Bulgarian interpreting:

Do not hesitate to use our complete interpreting service in Bulgarian language, including interpreting, supply of interpreting equipment (wireless infrared systems, headphones, receivers, chuchotage systems, etc.), provision of transport (statutory value of travel expenses is CZK 4,00 Kč/ km) and other services.

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If you need Bulgarian interpreting, let us know by e-mail, phone, or come to our office. Based on your request, the offer (including the price) will be send to you without any delay.

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