Certified interpreting Montenegrin

We provide interpreting in Montenegrin:

  • In any scope (from one-hour interpreting, up to the events that take several days);
  • in any field (economics, tourism, law, etc.);
  • Throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Europe, Asia, etc.)
  • Certified interpreting Montenegrin 2.000,-kč

    Charge per a 60 mins (Billed by an hourly rate; 2 hours minimum)

  • Certified interpreting Montenegrin 1.200,-kč

    Each additional hour

We also provide further follow-up and complementary services related to Montenegrin interpreting:

  • Interpreting in Montenegrin over the phone or Skype;
  • Turnkey interpreting in Montenegrin language in a specific situation;
  • Provision of interpreting equipment for your events


Do not hesitate to use our complete interpreting service in Montenegrin language, including interpreting, supply of interpreting equipment (wireless infrared systems, headphones, receivers, chuchotage systems, etc.), provision of transport (statutory value of travel expenses is CZK 7,00 Kč/ km) and other services.