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Professional translation kurdish

uvodni obrazek

We provide high quality, contentually and grammatically correct translations from Kurdish and into Kurdish. Feel free to contact us anytime you need to translate anything in the highest quality. We work fast, precisely, and for reasonable prices. Besides the translations from Czech into Kurdish and from Kurdish into Czech, we are also able to handle any combination of Kurdish and another foreign language (e.g. from Kurdish to English and vice versa).

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Your translator of Kurdish

How we make translations into Kurdish

The work of our professional translators is based on their excellent knowledge, experience, professional specialisation, and speed. We adapt to our clients’ requirements and we always try to anticipate their needs. Not even the quantity matters to us, when translating sentences and texts from Kurdish into Czech; we can handle everything from one page to the whole book. The basis of our work is:


Examples of our kurdish translations



a) Standard translations
b) Certified translations
Normopage 2.500,-Kč
Normopage 2.500,-Kč
a) Interpreting
b) Certified interpreting
Fee for 60 mins (Billed by an hourly rate; 2 hours minimum) 2.500,-Kč
Fee for 60 mins (Billed by an hourly rate; 2 hours minimum) 3.500,-Kč

*A Standard Page is a standardised page of text, containing 1800 characters, including spaces. According to the law, § 24 Art. 2 of the Decree no. 37/1967 Coll.) “


Prices and delivery dates of translations from/ to Kurdish

Delivery date: delivery of the translation depends on its extent and complexity.  We translate standard texts within 3-5 working days; for express translation (within 12 hours), we charge a surcharge of 100%.

High quality Kurdish translations are usually quite expensive. However, despite the professional quality of the work performed, our prices are very reasonable. In addition, we reward loyal customers by quantity discounts and other bonuses e.g. by delivering the translation to the desired place even outside working hours.


What types of translations from Kurdish we do

We will prepare high quality translations exactly according to your requirements in respect of the extent, speed, and professional focus.

We provide:


Special services

Besides classic translations of Kurdish (translations of sentences and entire books) we will also provide a wide range of extra services. They include e.g.:


Contact us and order translation from/ to Kurdish!

Do you need to translate anything into Kurdish, to translate e.g. websites into Kurdish? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Send us the text to be translated in the electronic form by e-mail and we will contact you with our price offer without any delay. The source materials can also be sent by regular postal service, or you can visit us in our office.


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