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Website localization

The easiest way how to translate websites, while maintaining their structure, form, and graphic, is language localization.  We will provide it for you fast, with high quality, and for reasonable price.

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How is the language localization done?

lokalizace-webovych-stranekThe fundamental factor is the access to the source files, in which the translator can perform the translation directly. We can work with various file formats from HTML and XML through PHP up to flash presentations. The resulting translation can be checked in the online output, so there are no unnecessary mistakes and confusion.

The entire process is more time demanding than translation of the individual words and phrases from the document (e.g. XLS or DOC), but in the end it saves time and money.

The advantages of localization are:


Where could the language localization be used?

The following language mutations are created this way:

We of course provide localization of both online and offline documentation. The price of localization is based on the evaluation of the given source material.

Prices and delivery times of language localizations

Our prices for localization of websites and other documents are similar to standard translations. The price is increased by the proofreading by a native speaker, especially when it comes to public marketing materials (e.g. brochures, catalogues, etc.). The delivery times are individual and they are based on the extent and nature of the individual order.

Ensure localization of your website still today

Contact us as soon as possible (by e-mail, phone), send us your particular assignment and we will contact you back soon. You can also visit us personally: Václavské náměstí 832/19, Prague 1 – but don’t forget to make an appointment in advance. You can consider your localization done already!

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